OJ Law’s Introverts “Let’s try to do 80’s in space! Oh, and what if we forced people to watch you sing for the first minute? That would be brave....”

Video Production
Post Production
Practical FX (Back Projection, Props)
Color Grading

A collaboration between OJ Law x The Spacemen
Starring Joanna Tan as ‘the stranger’

Director: Joshua Chay
Producer: Chris Lim
Crew: Shaun Ng, Nathanael Sanjeevi, Affendy Sabki
Choreography and Performance: Joanna Tan
Motion Graphics: Nathanael Sanjeevi
Styling for OJ: The Commodity
Styling for Joanna: Sun Khiew
Hair / Makeup: Fish Quan
Additional Hair / Makeup: Joyce Tan
Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Ravyna J