Made to Malaysiana This campaign is a project initiated by Wardrobe to promote the idea that a well-dressed image can enrich the representation of an individual in a global setting and bring the country truly in line with the styles of the developed world.

Video Production
Color Grading

The campaign aims to highlight interesting individuals across Malaysia and demonstrate how dressing well can enhance their image even further. The project attempts to capture the essence of the ‘Malaysiana’ concept, a term we coined to describe the people, colours and culture of Malaysia, and explore what it means to dress as a 21st century urban gentleman. For the project, five unique individuals were selected to be featured in the Made to Malaysiana campaign. Suits, jackets and shirts were designed and tailored for the personalities.
Working on every aspect of the campaign from photography to video to website development, the Made To Malaysiana Season Two campaign was conceptualised and produced by The Spacemen, with film photography by art and fashion photographer, Nadirah Zakariya.