Levi’s Music Week Live shows were played in selected Levi’s stores all across Malaysia. Featuring: Midnight Fusic, Allester Shaun, Shelhiel,Juno and Hanna, lost spaces, Julia Duclos, Lunadira, LOCA.B, Senja and The Impatient Sisters.

Video production

“Levi’s® and music have always been intertwined. Music – like style – helps us define who we are, what we have to say, and what we love.”  ︎levis.com.my

Levi's Music WeekThe Impatient Sisters at Levi's Music WeekLunadira at Levi's Music Weeklost spaces at Levi's Music WeekJulia Duclos at Levi's Music WeekLoca.B at Levi's Music Week

Bumping into our favorite musically-gifted sisters is always a treat. We count ourselves lucky to have been able to shoot an acoustic set of ‘The Ark’ way back in 2012 when we both started out in the scene.