Guinness Amplify was a definite highlight for us in 2014 with Guinness launching a new music platform for local musicians to show off their talent and dedication. Shot over the course of 2 days, in a dark and loud room, the series featured Kyoto Protocol, DASH, Paperplane Pursuit, Froya, Bihzhu, and Jumero. On top of the series, we followed on the Amplify warpath through 7 weeks of live shows all around Kuala Lumpur, culminating with MAGIC! playing live in our city. 

Video Production
Color Grading

“The 7-week campaign saw a free-admission live show every weekend at various locations across the country, featuring some of Malaysia's most talented local artists and supported by international stars. Capping the campaign off was a spectacular Finale Show featuring Canadian stars MAGIC!, known for their smash-hit debut single "Rude". ︎︎︎